My research focuses on political behaviour and comparative politics, in particular legislative politics. I study how legislators behave, how legislatures are organised, and why that affects decison-making outcomes.

Here you can find out about some of my current research projects and work-in-progress.

Committee-level roll-call votes in the European Parliament

Moritz Fessler and I have compiled, and will in due course make available, a dataset including all roll-call votes cast at committee level in the 8th European Parliament. 

Electoral connection revisited

Will Daniel and I will be revisiting our findings on MEPs' Twitter usage when campaigning in European elections.

Gridlock in EU decision-making

Philipp Broniecki, Christine Reh and I are studying how gridlock can be overcome in inter-institutional decision-making.


Michael Kaeding and I have analysed the institution of the party group coordinator and their selection in the EP.